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Services Offered

Veyo Additional Information

Helpful Numbers for Veyo:


Schedule a Ride: 1-866-907-1493


Where's My Ride: 1-866-907-1494


See VEYO webpage for more information.



Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Medvan Transport is currently contracted with Medicaid, Veyo, My Choice, Lakeland Care District, Community Care, and Inclusa. We are always looking to add more contracts. Blue Cross Blue Shield will also cover non-emergency medical appointments, for more information contact Veyo. Contact us today, if you don't qualify to ask about our competitive private pay rates! 

Medicaid and Veyo will cover non-emergency medical appointments a few examples may be going to a doctor appointment, having a day surgery or a check up at the local Health and Human Services Center. 


  • Insured by Badgercare, ForwardHealth or Medicaid

  • Enrolled in Care Wisconsin, Inclusa, Community Care or Lakeland Care District

  • Unable to transport oneself due to lack of vehicle, transportation or inability to drive

  •  Access to a phone or the internet to schedule ride

Private Pay

Medvan Transport has a Private Pay option in Wisconsin for ride requests that do not qualify through any of the listed providers:

  • Private Pay rides can be arranged by special request. Please ask our dispatcher for details

  • All Private Pay rides must be paid for in advance or at time of pickup

Non-Medical Transportation

Medvan Transport is currently contracted to transport My Choice Wisconsin, Inclusa, Lakeland Care District, and Community Care members for non-medical purposes such as grocery shopping, trips to the food pantry, meeting with case worker, and other general errand running. Medicaid at this time does not cover any non-medical transportation, other than pharmacy trips. Contact your Care Team now to make arrangements! We are not offering non-medical transportation for the general public! 


My Choice Family Care

For more information on My Choice, check out their webpage.


For more information on Inclusa, check out their webpage.

Lakeland Care 

For more information on Lakeland Care District, check out their webpage.

Community Care 

For more information on Community Care, check out their webpage.

Workers Comp Claims

For more information ask your insurance agent, if we can help provide a ride.

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